Patient Stories

We are here to diagnose and help mothers and babies every day. Read and hear the stories of patient experiences in the Maternal Fetal Care Unit at Children’s Hospital Colorado and the Women’s Care Center at University of Colorado Hospital.


A Medical Mystery with an Amazing Outcome

Those who know her best say she's a miracle baby, because what happened to Taylor Myer in utero—and where she is today—is still a medical mystery.

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Miracle in the Neonatal Unit

Their mom calls them the closest thing to a miracle she's ever seen.

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Quadruplets headed home!

These quadruplets were the smallest and youngest children born at the University of Colorado Hospital at the time.

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Getting Good News from the Experts at University of Colorado Hospital

A mother of six from Bayfield, Colorado had both chemotherapy and surgery at the University of Colorado Hospital while pregnant.

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A Marvelous BlessingBaby Sadie    
 after a Pregnancy Complication

Diagnosed and treated by the Maternal Fetal Medicine team at the University of Colorado Hospital, hear from this grateful mom.

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