NICU Patient Amenities at University of Colorado Hospital NICU

Personal Touch

The team at the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at University of Colorado Hospital (UCH) believes it’s vital for you to bond with your baby. Bonding not only allows you to become more connected and comfortable with your baby and your baby with you, but it also has been proven to improve outcomes.

The first step in this bonding process can be done through gentle touching and softly talking to your baby. You are also encouraged to hold your baby skin-to-skin for at least one hour every day. Being a constant, loving presence in your child’s life will help you feel prepared and confident to take your baby home. Providing breast milk, bathing, diapering, feeding (or holding while your baby is fed through a tube) and dressing your baby also provide important opportunities to touch and connect with your baby while in the NICU.

In addition, you are encouraged to participate in a daily discussion, often referred to as a care conference, with the NICU team to form an effective partnership around the care of your baby. You understand the needs of your baby and family with a unique perspective, and your observations, thoughts, and questions are highly valued in our NICU care environment.

While interacting with and caring for your baby is highly encouraged, it is important to realize the NICU environment also can be excessively stimulating to your infant and that all babies need periods of quiet, non-stimulating times to rest so they can develop to their fullest potential. The NICU team will assist you in learning to read your baby’s special cues so that you will know what your baby needs at different times.

Personal Support

Bright Spaces room

Bright Spaces

As a service to young children with siblings in the NICU, we proudly announce the opening of our Bright Spaces room. We've built a space for kids coming to the NICU with their families -- a place to read, color, play games, and even watch movies.

Made possible by partnership with the Bright Horizons Foundation and March of Dimes, the Bright Spaces room supports families through offering a relaxing environment for children during an often stressful time for families.

Watch this CBS4 video and see our Bright Spaces room come alive.

Tea Time

Offering mothers and families a dose of comfort, University of Colorado Hospital’s Food and Nutrition Services (FNS) offers tea service and treats to families in the NICU. This service is provided three times a week — Tuesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays — from 1:30-3:30 p.m. The service provides guests with a comforting refreshments and a brief escape from the stress of the moment.

Love for Lily

Love for Lily ( is a nonprofit organization founded to honor a patient who was in the UCH NICU. This meaningful organization provides support for families with babies in the NICU and sponsors frequent NICU Mom’s Group meetings and NICU Dinner Group meetings to bring families of NICU babies together.

Preemie Party

In celebration of the miracles that occur in the NICU and the bond that occurs between patients, families, and staff, UCH NICU hosts an annual “Preemie Party” the first Saturday in August. Families who have had a baby graduate from the UCH NICU are invited to nearby General’s Park to reconnect with NICU staff, enjoy food and refreshments, bond with other NICU families, and show off their beautiful children.