Neonatal Dialysis

Kidney failure can occur in infants who are born with birth defects that affect their kidney function, or who are born with metabolic conditions that cause toxic products to build up in the bloodstream. Severe infections or injury to the kidney can also cause the kidneys to not function properly for a period of time. The Colorado Institute for Maternal & Fetal Health neonatal intensive care units provide a variety of treatments for babies and infants with kidney failure in Colorado, ensuring that your newborn receives the best treatment possible. Our top team of specialists creates a treatment plan tailored to your infant to provide the best outcomes possible. 

Dialysis for Neonatal Kidney Failure at Children’s Hospital Colorado

At Children’s Hospital Colorado NICU, our experienced team of neonatologists and practitioners provides exceptional care in treating infants with kidney problems, working closely with our kidney specialists (Renal Team) to care for your child.

Our neonatal dialysis team assigned to each newborn suffering from infant kidney failure (renal failure) includes:
•    Neonatologists and pediatric surgeons who work together to provide care to infants with complex surgical needs
•    Registered nurses with specialized training in neonatal kidney failure
•    Pediatric neurologists specializing in infant kidney failure diagnosis and treatment
•    On-site pediatric subspecialists and pediatric surgical specialists

Specialized neonatal dialysis therapy at Children’s Hospital Colorado NICU includes specialized therapies such as:
•    Peritoneal dialysis – the removal of waste products from the blood in which blood vessels in the abdominal lining take on the function of the kidneys with the help of a fluid that flows in and out of the peritoneal space (area between the organs in the abdominal cavity and the abdominal wall)
•    Hemodialysis – a common treatment using a machine to filter wastes, salts, and fluid from the blood when the kidneys are no longer healthy enough to perform
•    Continuous renal replacement therapy (CRRT) – a primary therapy that provides slow and balanced fluid removal for patients with kidney failure. CRRT therapy is a common form of treatment as it can be used on patients of all sizes and can be easily adapted to meet the needs of the patient.

For many babies suffering from kidney failure, dialysis may be required only for a short period of time until the kidneys recover. Other times, infants may have more extensive issues with kidney function and may require dialysis or other interventions for a longer time. In either situation, our NICU team works closely with the Renal Dialysis Center at Children’s Hospital Colorado to provide expert care, specialized treatment, management, and follow-up after discharge for your newborn. Children’s Hospital Colorado NICU is with you every step of the way and is dedicated to providing the best treatment options to ensure the most positive outcomes for your baby and your family.