Maternal Fetal Medicine Specialists for High-Risk Pregnancy

You may have been told or heard that you have a high-risk pregnancy without really knowing what this means. A high-risk pregnancy occurs when there are medical complications affecting either you (mother) or baby during pregnancy or birth.


Obstetricians who specialize in caring for high-risk pregnancies are also known as maternal fetal medicine specialists. Our maternal fetal medicine team provides care from prenatal diagnosis through delivery and after, following up to make sure you and your baby are doing well.

Early and Accurate Prenatal Diagnosis and Management

If you are experiencing a high-risk pregnancy, there is no better place for care than the Colorado Institute for Maternal and Fetal Health (CIMFH). We have brought together nationally renowned experts in obstetrics, maternal and fetal health and neonatal care to collaborate and provide you with specialized care.

One of the most important factors in managing high-risk pregnancy is determining the issues as soon as possible. Knowing what is happening early on is very important.

Our maternal fetal medicine specialists collaborate with specialists from our hospitals to offer state-of-the-art diagnostic imaging services, comprehensive genetic testing and counseling services.

If a high-risk pregnancy is confirmed, your maternal fetal medicine specialists will introduce you and your family to an interdisciplinary team of adult and pediatric specialists who will help you manage your pregnancy and beyond.

Learn more about the maternal fetal medicine specialists at the CIMFH.