Perinatal Mental Health

During the perinatal period from week 20 of pregnancy to day 28 of newborn life, pregnancy may create emotional and mental challenges for some women. Between 10 and 15 percent of women will experience depression and/or anxiety, either minor episodes or major bouts, during this time, according to the Federal Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality.



We offer PROMISE at the Colorado Institute for Maternal & Fetal Health. PROMISE stands for Perinatal Resource Offering Mood Integrated Services & Evaluation. Here you will learn why it’s natural for some women to experience depression, anxiety and other mental health challenges during pregnancy. You’ll also learn how to manage your symptoms through self-care, counseling and, if needed, medical treatments.

Helping Mothers to Mental Health

Providers screen each patient at the PROMISE Clinic, using two tools.

Women who turn to PROMISE will find a unique and supportive environment. Our specially trained and nationally renowned team screens each patient for depression, anxiety and bipolar disorder. In many settings, these diagnoses are often confused, leading to inappropriate treatment so it an accurate diagnosis is essential. As part of the National Institutes of Mental Health, our specialists lead or participate in research that ensures our patients have access to the most up-to-date diagnostic tools and treatments.

As part of the screening, the mental health providers will obtain a thorough patient history including risk factors for mental health issues, such as family history, abuse, limited social support, thyroid or hormonal problems and other physical issues that might be contributing to the problem.

Each patient then receives a treatment plan that will include self-care instructions, counseling or therapy recommendations, and possibly medical treatments. Patients are then monitored on an ongoing basis to try to help them achieve the healthiest pregnancy—both physically and mentally—as possible.

Video of One Patient’s Story

Watch "one patient's story" here.

For more information about the PROMISE clinic, please call (720) 848-1060.