Exercise is an important part of a healthy pregnancy. Being active helps you stay healthier during your pregnancy, keeps your baby healthier, and helps your body prepare for the birthing process. A regular exercise routine before and during pregnancy also makes it easier to resume exercise after giving birth, which not only helps you get back in shape but also keeps you healthier and happier as a new mom. Talk to your health-care provider about your exercise routine and safe ways to continue exercising throughout pregnancy.

Safe Exercise


Depending on your term of pregnancy, pick exercise activities that you will enjoy and that are safe. Walking and swimming may be choices that work for you throughout your pregnancy, but there may be some impact activities like jogging or dancing that may be more challenging as you progress through each term. On the other hand, many active, physically fit women are able to maintain vigorous levels of exercise right up until delivery day.

Drink lots of water during exercise and pay close attention to how you feel. Stop exercising and call your provider if have difficulty breathing, feel dizzy, experience pain in the chest or legs, or vaginal bleeding.

Types of Exercise to Avoid

There are some types of exercise that aren't safe and just don't make sense during pregnancy.

It's best to avoid:

  • Impact sports where you might get hit in the belly
  • Jerky bouncy movements
  • Activities that may cause you to fall
  • Scuba diving
  • Exercising at high altitudes, which impacts oxygen delivery throughout your body and for the baby