Prenatal Class Offerings

Whether this is your first or fourth time expecting a baby, The Colorado Institute for Maternal and Fetal Health offers classes to help prepare you and your family for your new arrival. The classes we offer include:

Primary Childbirth
A comprehensive class designed to prepare mom for labor. It includes relaxation techniques and comfort skills to use with or without medication and teaches mom’s birth partner techniques to support her. This 2 day class is held on consecutive Saturdays and includes a tour of the Birth Center. $75.00 per couple

Express Childbirth
Designed as a refresher for parents who have already experienced childbirth, or for parents who cannot attend a more extensive course. It covers labor and delivery, and relaxation techniques. This intensive course is held in one six-hour session and includes a tour of the Birth Center. $65.00 per couple

Going natural: comfort Skills for an unmedicated birth
A workshop for those wanting to give birth without pain medication. It emphasizes strategies to promote comfort, informed decision-making, and gives the birth partner tools to help support mom. This workshop is held Saturday morning and Sunday afternoon of the same weekend and includes a tour of the Birth Center. $75.00 per couple

Vaginal birth after cesarean section (VBAC)
Informational session taught by an OB provider focused on answering your questions about giving birth vaginally after a previous cesarean section. Free

Beginning Breastfeeding
Learn breastfeeding techniques to help you and baby get off to a good start. It will help answer common questions related to nutrition, soreness, leaking, pumping and storing milk. Partners are encouraged to attend. $35.00 per couple

Newborn Parenting
Learn what to expect and how to respond to a newborn. Learn to identify behaviors and what they may mean. Topics include bathing, diapering, and feeding an infant, as well as what new parents can do to keep baby safe. $35.00 per couple

Infant and Child CPR
American Heart Family and Friends class teaching CPR for infants and children. You will also learn how to respond to emergencies like choking and other safety concerns. $30.00 per person

Especially for Dads
A special two hour class for expecting dads. Learn what to expect during labor and delivery, and the postpartum period. This class will teach dad how to prepare the home for the arrival of a newborn, how to properly install and use a car seat, and offers dads some ideas on balancing home life and work life. This course is recommended in the later months of your partner’s pregnancy. $25.00 per person

To learn more or register, call 720-848-1741.